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My wife and I grew up here and fell in love with Norman. After many many years away we moved back and are reminded what a wonderful town it is. We wanted to share our love for the place with some pictures and stories that we hope you enjoy.


I wanted to put together a site that would incorporate the beauty and diverse architecture of Norman. It is a great and under appreciated city with something for everyone. My goal is to generate some interest in the city and hopefully a few visitors. I’m sure for anyone who stops here on their vacation will be glad they did.

Visit some of the many parks around the city for tranquility and relaxation!

Norman is a city of about 124,000, the third largest city in Oklahoma. It is about 20 miles south of Oklahoma City, and is located in Cleveland County.

Welcome to Norman! Enjoy your visit here.

There are two sites developed by friends and acquaintances I wanted to mention here. The first is a site that offers a good overview of the history of the Christian Church called PCC. This site delves into a history of the Old and New Testament as well as getting into acoustics, construction, and other facets related to churches. My friend Brian is the pastor there and has done a wonderful job with the church.

The second is a site partly developed by a friend that is a counselor involved with kids and adults who suffer from ADD and ADHD called TheCenter. The site is a great place to look for information related to the non-drug approach to dealing with these maladies. The site is filled with information and testimonials from people who were able to take control of their lives and make something of themselves overcoming tough obstacles. It is an inspiring read.

Now … onto Norman!



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